The procurement function at Otago Polytechnic aims to deliver a high value, high impact service that is focused on the delivery of students’ needs.

The procurement function will continually build on the level of rigour it brings to its existing core procurement processes and governance, and to developing strategic tools, systems and people.

All procurement at Otago Polytechnic will aim to ensure a delicate balance between:

  • Procurement Efficiency – reducing the internal costs associated with the end-to-end function of procuring goods and services
  • Procurement Effectiveness – reducing the total cost of ownership of the external procurement spend, and
  • Procurement Customer Service – providing best value materials and service to internal customers on time, to specification, above expectation and with social responsibility.

The six Procurement Strategy Objectives, as they relate to Otago Polytechnic’s Strategic Goals, are to ensure:

  1. Otago Polytechnic staff have ease of access to the right supplies and services they require so our learners enjoy an outstanding experience;
  2. Procurement follows best practice so Otago Polytechnic’s operational processes are sustainable (Effectiveness, Efficiency, Customer Service);
  3.  Otago Polytechnic makes value for money decisions so we make a consistent annual operating surplus to fund future investment (Effectiveness);
  4. Otago Polytechnic has a strong Supplier Relationship Management process and we engage effectively with industry, community, professionals, Government and Kai Tahu (Effectiveness);
  5. We proactively engage with communities about our opportunities and expectations so our communities benefit from, and are more capable as a consequence of, our actions (Effectiveness); and
  6.  We have a strategic consumerism focus so our environmental footprint is minimised and our leadership encourages others to embrace sustainable practices (Efficiency, Effectiveness).

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