Kia Kōtahi Tātou

Culturally Inclusive Learning and Working Environment


Otago Polytechnic’s environment:
 1. Is culturally inclusive and conducive to an outstanding experience for all of those whom learn, teach, lead, create, build and visit  2. Acknowledges and values the tikaka ā-hapū of mana whenua, which is evident in our processes and practices across all campuses
 3. Visually reflects the reo (language) and narratives of mana whenua.  



Otago Polytechnic is known as a culturally inclusive and safe place for Māori to learn, teach, lead, create, build and visit as Māor Opportunities for Māori learners and staff to connect with and learn from each other are available throughout the year
The values and tikaka of mana whenua are imbued throughout Otago Polytechnic’s processes and practices, from the moment people walk in the front door, until the time they leave Learners and staff are availed of opportunities to appropriately engage with and learn more about the activities, functions and/or business of mana whenua, Māori providers, Māori community organisations and Māori-owned businesses through project work, work experience, clinical placements and other outreach activities
The language, narratives and cultural symbols of mana whenua are visible throughout all Otago Polytechnic campuses