Pōpopo wormporium is thriving! A recent report by Liam Hoffman, Resource Recovery Assistant, highlighted some of the measurable outcomes of our campus composting programme.

Since 28 March 2022, the total recorded organic waste input is 1,861kg.

Compost produced since 28 March is 6.5 cubic metres, averaging 1.5 cubic metres per month. This is picked up and applied to garden beds around campus by Kim Thomas and her gardening team.

Commercial composting started on 13 June, consisting of weekly food waste pickups from Side On via E-bike and trailer. Charging $1 per litre of food waste, we have generated a total revenue of $623.86.

We currently pull an average 4kg of plastic per month from OP bins, so please be conscious of what you put in the food scrap containers around campus.

Public and student engagement is another measure of Pōpopo’s value, and so far this year the following organised visits have occurred:

  • Level 3 Horticulture: mycelium workshop, which covered transplanting mycelium to the site and covering the site in woodchips
  • Level 1 and 2 Foundation Studies: two class tours of the site and hands-on experience with the composting process
  • Food Waste Innovation visit: collective from Otago University, who brought Chief Science Advisor Juliet Gerard through on a food waste tour

Pōpopo is on the map as a serious sustainability success!

Published on 14 Sep 2022

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