You’ll have noticed that Tūhono now looks a little different. This is because we’ve just launched our new Student Hub, Kāpehu (  

As both websites use the same content management system (CMS), Tūhono is now mirroring some of the elements that have been designed for Kāpehu. 

Side menu next to main image

The menu that used to appear to the right of the main image at the top of the homepage will be moved into your profile section. This profile section now appears in the top right hand corner of Tūhono. If you have an image loaded for your staff profile, this will appear next to your name.

If you click on this button, the menu will appear.

The logout button now appears at the bottom of this dropdown menu. To exit the profile menu, click back on your name.

Colours and fonts

Colours and fonts in Tūhono may appear a little mismatched at the moment. This will be tidied up over the coming weeks to make things more aligned.  

Clickable top menu

You used to get to the drop down menus that appeared from the headings along the top of the page (e.g. Tūhono home, Staff Directory, Tools etc) by hovering over them. These are now clickable instead. For example, you need to click on the words Staff Directory for that drop down menu to appear.

We have changed this to improve accessibility standards as a hover function is not as accessible.

This also means that you now need to click on 'headings within headings' to get an overview page to appear. For example, if you want to access the visual overarching Tools page, you would need to click the Tools heading in the main menu and then click Tools again which appears at the top of the drop down menu. This is the same for things like Staff Directory. 


Fonts and colours for Kāpehu have been specifically chosen to meet and exceed accessibility standards. These are now also being used in Tūhono.   

News and blogs

Learners let us know that they’d like separate sections for news, blogs, events and notices so we’ve created that in Kāpehu and carried it across to Tūhono as well so that we can have a single news and events management system. If you’re loading an event, please make sure you add a date, time and location so that it pulls through to the event listing on the homepage.

Published on 18 Apr 2023

Orderdate: 18 Apr 2023
Expiry: 18 Apr 2025