With the launch of Kāpehu, there’s a few funky things happening on both Tūhono and Kāpehu (as they live on the same content management system). 

We want to save you time by letting you know the things that aren’t working so you don’t need to worry about logging a job. ISS are working through these issues.   

Things not fully working

  • Search function – on both Kāpehu and Tūhono
  • ‘X’ button to close search function needs to be added so that search query can be closed (as per designs)
  • Quick links not displaying properly on mobile view
  • Some pages, such as Research, have display issues (such as names on tiles disappearing)
  • Media block element where we display videos is showing a transcript area, even if no transcript is loaded
  • Event page (full details page) has not been created like the original designs so this is being resolved
  • Tile display in Tūhono as a single column.

Things that have been fixed

  • Staff directory is now working again
  • News and events have been fixed so staff can add items from the front-end and they will appear automatically 

Things that might look weird but are meant to be there 

  • New banner style with longer photo
  • Disappearance of sidebar menu items from next to the banner image – these quick links which used to appear next to the photo now live in your profile which can be accessed by clicking on your name and photo
  • Different colours and fonts – these will be tidied up over time
  • Top level menu that you click on rather than hover over (for accessibility reasons)

If you do notice anything else that doesn't look right, please email communications@op.ac.nz so we can liaise with ISS to resolve things. 


Published on 20 Apr 2023

Orderdate: 20 Apr 2023
Expiry: 20 Apr 2025