We know a new website can be a bit daunting sometimes and it can feel a bit frustrating to learn your way around, especially when you’re busy with other stuff.

Hopefully this quick overview below will help you find your way around Kāpehu. 

You can also watch our video tour here >

1. Quick access items

These are at the top of the page so you can easily see and access them:

  • Your email
  • Your timetable
  • Moodle
  • Robertson Library
  • MS teams
  • Onedrive

These buttons/circle icons will appear at the top of every page within Kāpehu so you can always get to them easily from anywhere.

Desktop view

View of top level navigation


Mobile view


Mobile view of top level navigation


2. Your profile information

Your profile holds links to info about your courses, your personal details, results and awards, your financials, enrolment details and your documents. You can also change your password here. 

You can easily find your profile by heading to the top right corner of the page and clicking your image and name (or image and three dots in the mobile view).  

3. Kāpehu homepage

The homepage is the page you land on when you log in. If you’re in another section of Kāpehu and want to get back to the homepage, just click the Kāpehu home button.

Next class banner: Never be late for another class. This feature allows you to see when (and where) your next class is.

Quick links: These are meant to give you quick and easy access to things that you often search for. We can easily change these to something different if you need us to.

Search: This search should allow you to quickly and easily look for things that you can’t find. If you search for something and get no results, please fill in this feedback form and we can help you find what you’re looking for.

Room availability: Updated in real-time, this feature lets you see which rooms on campus have availability for you to use them.

News / events / blogs / notices: We’ll be adding info here so keep an eye on it to keep your finger on the pulse. 

4. Tools

This page holds a lot of the resources, links and info that you'll need during your time here. This section holds things like:

  • Inplace (our placement tool used by some learners)
  • iamcapable
  • your printing balance
  • Studiosity
  • parking form
  • room availability.

We can easily add to this list of tools so please let us know if there’s any you’d like us to add. Just fill in this feedback form.   

5. Support services

This section holds info and links about all of our support services.

The Support services header links to our main student support website – Te Ama Tauira: https://studentsupport.op.ac.nz/

Each of the headings in the menu for a particular kind of support (e.g. counselling) will lead you to more information about that service and the relevant contact details you need.

We can easily add to this menu if you need further items so just let us know.

6. Booking a support appointment

We know that often you just want to book a support appointment online rather than calling someone to make an appointment. So, this icon at the top of the page links you straight to our student support online booking form.

Book support icon

7. About us

This section holds all the ‘rats and mice’ kind of information. Campus maps, graduation info, important dates, policies etc.

We’ll keep adding to this over time to make it more comprehensive so let us know if there’s info you feel is missing.

8. Contact us

The final section is for all of our contact details.

The Get in touch page holds general contact details for you all, as well as emergency contact details, student support contact details and student health services.

We also have a separate In an emergency webpage with key contact details and procedures.

And we have a Kāpehu feedback form so you can let us know any questions or issues you have. This form is also for you to tell us any ideas you have for new content!   

Published on 13 Jul 2023

Orderdate: 13 Jul 2023
Expiry: 20 Apr 2025