On Monday 6am we'll be making a change to the timetable mobile view to improve visibility of your class/course information.

As you have may have seen some of the timetable information can get cut off, especially on the shorter (1 hour long) courses. It's usually the most important information - where your class is! 

We were alerted to this by some keen eyed students (not to mention frustrated) and our development team have corrected this.


We apologise for the frustration this may have caused you this week and hope you didn't miss a class or get lost.


We will be looking to improve the timetable area in general and make it more consistent to what you might be use to with usual calendar clients e.g Google, Outlook etc. 


We'll be keen to get student feedback on this or work with you to design it yourselves.

Watch this space.


Published on 3 May 2023

Orderdate: 3 May 2023
Expiry: 5 May 2025