As part of continuous improvement, we're very happy to make changes to provide staff with as much information about their learners as we can. As a result, some changes have been made to the Your Learners and Course / Programme Details pages inside ebs Ontrack.

Your Learners

A renaming of At Risk to Referral Status.

  • Staff can refer learners to Student Success via ebsOntrack if they have concerns about their progress or attendance.  The referral status indicator lets you know at a glance if the learner has an open referral with Student Success.
  • You can check on a learner's referrals by visiting their Details page in Ontrack and looking for Last Contact with Student Success - you can see the learner history there.

A learner's overall Attendance has been added to this screen.  This looks at all course enrolments a learner has and calculates their overall attendance.  The screen is sorted by the attendance percentage (lowest to highest)

  • You can refer a learner DIRECTLY from this screen by clicking the Refer entry.

Course/ Programme Details

  1. Overall Attendance percentage has been added - so teaching staff can see at a glance how learners are progressing.  I have also added an indicator.  The indicator range is:
    Red 0% 75%
    Yellow 75% 85%
    Green 85% 100%
    If you are looking at a Programme (rather than a course), the Attendance % doesn't calculate (it can't), so the Overall Attendance is included as a result.  The Course attendance in the example above differs from the Programme attendance (as it should).
  2. You can also refer a learner to Student Success directly from this screen as well (the Refer option on the right hand side).

Further improvements are ongoing, and of course will be advertised through Tūhono.  If you have any questions about these changes, please let the SMS team know (via a case in Service,

Published on 16 May 2023

Orderdate: 16 May 2023
Expiry: 16 Jun 2025