The return of frosty winter mornings in Dunedin is a timely reminder for motorists to take extra care, slow down and drive to the conditions.

DCC Transport Delivery Manager Ben Hogan says, “It’s important people adjust their driving to take weather conditions into account and allow more time to reach their destination.

“Our contractors will once again be out in the early hours, checking road conditions and deciding which need to be treated with grit or the de-icing agent CMA to alleviate ice and frost.

“They can’t be everywhere at once, so the focus is on main arterial routes and other major traffic routes leading to those arterials, which we aim to treat if needed before 7.30am.

“Most residential streets are not gritted, and frosts can happen at different times and locations on different days, so it’s important for drivers to take care,” Mr Hogan says.

Road conditions are updated on the DCC website early each morning in winter, offering a guide to conditions, and maps showing which streets we aim to grit or treat with CMA are also available.

There are also winter driving tips on the DCC website and people can pick up free ice scrapers from DCC service centres.

Winter driving tips

  • De-ice and de-mist windows before starting your journey
  • Slow down and allow extra time to reach your destination
  • Leave a greater following distance between vehicles
  • On frosty days try to use main roads where possible
  • Turn your headlights on, even during the day
  • Avoid sudden movements when accelerating, turning or braking
  • Be mindful and prepared for sunstrike as the sun sets or rises
  • If cycling, make sure your lights are working and reflectors are up to standard. Wear bright or light-coloured clothing to be more visible.

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Published on 8 Jun 2023

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