We’re running a session with pet grooming students on Wednesday 1 November (1.30pm) about how to communicate with clients.

This session will be held in N114. Find campus map here

As employees in this area need to communicate with a wide range of people, from a variety of different backgrounds, we’d like to give our students a similar experience to build their skills in this space. 

So, we’re looking for real-world dog owners to come along to join our discussion panel.

And you’ll get a $5 Eden Café voucher to say thanks! 

We’re looking for:

  • an owner of a service dog
  • a dog owner who is Māori
  • a dog owner who has English as a second language
  • an owner of a disabled dog (ideally, a dog with wheels)
  • an owner of an aggressive or anxious dog. 

The session will last for an hour, but we only need each panel member for about 10-15mins. We’ll be able to give you a specific time slot closer to the day (as we know you’re busy!). 

This will be a fantastic opportunity for our students to ask questions but we’d also love for you to share with them what you feel is important in terms of communication. 

If you’re interested, please email wendy.jarnet@op.ac.nz


Published on 20 Sep 2023

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