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Our ICT & Facilities Manager Sonny Teio has complied his top tips for taking care of your wellbeing during the lockdown.


1. Be Tidy

Keep to your normal routine as much as possible. Make your bed, do your house chores and maintain a clean and safe environment to work/study in at home.

2. Be Connected

Whether it is a simple text, quick phone call or an email message, make connecting with others a priority every day. If in a flatting situation, set a time every day to put your technology gadgets away and just connect for a few minutes and share one thing you did well or enjoyed that day.

3. Be Nourished

Drink plenty of water, have plenty of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Set alarms on your phones to stop what you are doing and nourish your body. Treat yourself with a guilt-free cheat snack now and then to balance out your mental sanity.

4. Be Grateful

Appreciate what you have in life whether you do that in prayer, mediation, journaling or even a short social media post. Share what you are grateful for in life during the lockdown.

5. Be Active 

Get up and go as often as possible. Eat your meals standing up or go for a walk around your house. Schedule time for any kind of movement of at least 30 minutes activity.

Published on 7 Apr 2020

Orderdate: 7 Apr 2020
Expiry: 7 Apr 2022