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We’d like to congratulate all the students recognised at our Excellent Scholars award ceremony today.

Excellent Scholars takes place every study block and recognises top achievers from each programme.

It usually happens over a lunch on campus, but we did things a little differently this time around. Our scholars and staff met via video chat in Microsoft Teams.

Today we recognised Udesh Muthuranga Hettige, Md Fahad Bin Sultan, Pankaj Kumar, Somina Shahi, Reinardus Jason Gunawan, Giovan Setiawan, Huyen Linh Luong, Shitong Tian, Dhiya Denny, Francisco Salazar Andrade, Vimitaben Mukeshchandra Vaidya, Nishaben Jayminkumar Patel and Jay Dharmendra Mistry.

Head of Department for Student Success & Employability Annemarie Meijnen and Deputy Chief Executive Gagan Sachdeva congratulated students on their achievements and invited them to share the secrets to their successes.

Udesh said he takes notes daily. “It helps to recap every theory shared by the lecturer. Try to relate your own life experiences in the examples demonstrated.”

He also noted the importance of helping other students who are struggling.

Giovan said he dedicates time to his assignments every single day, even if it’s just 30 minutes.  

Fahad said it’s important to share ideas with lecturers to evaluate findings, and to go through tasks again and again until the lessons are clear.

Somina said asking lecturers questions if you’re confused about anything is key.

Jason said he notes down any questions or doubts and discusses them with fellow classmates. 

“Also ask other people to read your assignments to make sure your ideas make sense.”

Published on 20 Apr 2020

Orderdate: 20 Apr 2020
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