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Aleksandr Taran is making the most of the lockdown by engaging in online learning and using his spare time to practise his English.

Aleksandr, who is from Russia, recently finished his English language certificate at OPAIC and started studying the Graduate Diploma in Information Technology.

He’s currently in Auckland and engaged in online learning while the country is in lockdown.

Online classes take place from Monday to Thursday for his programming and database courses. Friday is his self-study day.

Microsoft Teams is the main app used for communicating with teachers and fellow students. He and his classmates also have a WhatsApp group for discussions. Additionally, he is welcome to call his lecturers whenever he needs to.

While Aleksandr prefers traditional face-to-face teaching, he says his teachers are striving to make online learning as convenient as possible in the current conditions. He’s very thankful to them for that.

Self-motivation is important during this time. He says it’s easier to concentrate on study in a classroom environment, but now he has to make a special effort to stay focused and not become too relaxed.

Aleksandr already has some experience in IT, having worked in the industry. For him the Graduate Diploma is all about refreshing his knowledge, looking at issues from different perspectives and exchanging ideas with classmates. 

He says he is coping well with the lockdown on a personal level.

He’s enjoying spending time with his flatmates, who are native English speakers, and using this time as an opportunity to improve his English-speaking skills.

Last week he celebrated his birthday and his flatmates made a special dinner with cake, candles, and singing.

Published on 22 Apr 2020

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