Due to Covid-19 disruption, NZQA have introduced a change to University Entrance requirements for those learners who have studied and achieved NCEA Level 3 during 2020.  

Learners now need 12 credits in each of three NZQA approved subjects rather than the standard 14 credits (literacy and numeracy requirements remain the same).  

This change applies to all of Otago Polytechnic's degree programmes.

Our Bachelor of Nursing still does require a strong science background so if you would like to discuss your science credits for this programme (biology or chemistry), please ring 0800 762 786 and ask for the School of Nursing or email nursing@op.ac.nz

The only degree which sits outside of this NZQA change is our Bachelor of Midwifery.

The Bachelor of Midwifery will retain its original credits. However, if you don't meet the specific credits and still wish to apply, you can ring 0800 762 786 and ask for the School of Midwifery or email midwifery@op.ac.nz to discuss your situation. This degree also requires a strong science background to be able to successfully complete it but some allowances may be made due to Covid-19 disruption. 

If you have any questions about this change or any of our degree programmes, please ring 0800 762 786 or email info@op.ac.nz

You can read a summary of these NZQA changes here > 

Published on 31 Jul 2020

Orderdate: 31 Jul 2020
Expiry: 30 Sep 2022