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Hamish Robertson didn’t let injury stand in the way of him playing a hand in the Otago Nuggets’ successful 2020 National Basketball League campaign. 

The 24-year-old guard had been training with the Nuggets’ squad, but he injured his AC joint two weeks before the NBL draft. 

However, like all good basketballers, he made a quick transition – pivoting his thoughts from playing to providing intel for the Nuggets, who claimed their first NBL title in early August. 

Hamish is studying for a Post-Graduate Diploma in Applied Science, specialising in performance analysis, at Otago Polytechnic.  

Thus he was able to combine his academic knowledge with his basketball insights to provide the Nuggets with some important analysis. 

“I also knew the styles of play the Nuggets wanted to achieve and what they’d plan to run on offence and defence,” says Hamish, who is quick to add that he was “one cog in a larger machine”. 

I did some analyzing of the Nuggets’ defence after a loss, but my role was mainly to scout their opposition.” 

Hamish’s tasks included preparing and coding video footage for the Nuggets’ staff as well as players. For example, summarizing aspects of an opposition team’s key tactics, as well as highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. 

This included working closely with the coach, Brent Matahaere. 

We’d often talk about an opponent while we were both watching the game, to see if we saw anything different. In the video sessionsthe coach would use my playlists to give the team an idea of what to expect and to formulate a game plan. 

Hamish says he is pondering a range of options for his future. 

“I’m considering doing my Masters, while applying for one of the internship roles at the Highlanders. But if I was able to find work in basketball, I think I’d pursue that.” 

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Published on 12 Aug 2020

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