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The Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM) is a professional body in Australasia for tertiary education professional staff and managers. The Aotearoa branch is offering two online workshops in September and October that may be of interest to OP staff.

Thinking and acting courageously and Leaders leading self in challenging times.

Workshop fees for affiliates are $20.00. OP is a corporate member of ATEM and our membership offers staff affiliate rates for professional development workshops and events.

Thinking and Acting Courageously

The tertiary education context of 2020 has been particularly challenging. We have had the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdowns, job losses, students unable to enter the country, serious financial challenges, and an ongoing precarity in relation to employment.

So how do we create the context and the practice in which we and our staff can think courageously, act courageously, and reflect courageously? And why would we bother when our other option is to go into survival mode and just look to last until the end of the year?

This workshop led by Dr Antony Nobbs, Associate Director Student Development at Auckland University of Technology, is an opportunity to engage with and reflect on what it means to think and to act courageously within what is a particularly challenging time for the Tertiary education sector, and why this might be essential for any path we chart in the coming years.

Antony is an engaging presenter and his doctorate completed in 2017 was on Addressing the Issue of Structural Injustice Within the University Context.

WHEN: Wednesday 16 September 2020 1-2:30pm
COST: Members $20; Affiliates $20; Public $100
WHERE: Online (via Zoom)

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Leaders leading self in challenging times

Mindful Leadership Masterclass with Dr Therese Walkinshaw.

Mindful leadership is a relatively new concept in western thinking. Mindfulness helps leaders to become present and authentic in their own leading. Mindfulness has proved to be significant for leaders who choose to integrate it into their everyday leading by becoming kinder, more reflective and creative by seeing meaning in the work they do.

In these times of flux and turmoil many of us are running on empty, stressed and exhausted. In some ways this is even more so for our leaders who are expected to be compassionate and engaged with their people while making challenging decisions and communicating in a sensitive and timely manner.

The aim of these sessions is to reflect as a group about the impact of mindfulness as leaders in a time of significant change. What can we do to ensure we rest, reflect, and take appropriate actions to stay in a positive and productive space? This series will give you tools and guidance on how to ensure you as leaders are in a space of creativity and new thinking to help your organisation and team moving forward.

Session 1: 14 October: 12 – 1.30pm
Stop! What am I experiencing right now as a leader? How do I stay present?

Session 2: 27 October: 12pm – 1pm
What does it mean to include self-reflection as part of my leading? How will this help me in
being a leader who brings my team forward positively?

Session 3: 10 November: 12pm – 1pm
Actions, what does it mean? Why is it so important to take that next step, even in a time of

COST: Members $20; Affiliates $20; Public $100
WHERE: Online (via Zoom)

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Published on 1 Sep 2020

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