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Students from Otago Polytechnic’s Food Design Institute are collaborating with a range of partners to develop a culinary experience that will culminate in a “Walking Supper” in Dunedin’s Vogel St heritage area on Monday 9 November.


Working with Precinct Food, Good Good and Moiety, and using products from nominated suppliers, the Year-2 students are aiming to tempt the tastebuds of a crowd of around 30 people.

The event is part of a Government-led initiative “Unite for Recovery”, established as part of a wider package aimed to stimulate an economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The purpose of the “Walking Supper” is multi-layered:

  • showcase the newly developed Vogel street area to the public and the variety of food outlets operating there
  • align the supplier's products with the nominated outlets in a sympathetic manner
  • gather data on the user-centred nature of the products within the different environments and to communicate this to both the producers and outlets

The three Dunedin food outlets involved – Precinct, Good Good, and Moiety – all operate in defined market categories separate from one another, which showcases the diversity of food offerings in the area.

As part of the project, the Otago Polytechnic Food Design Institute students are aligning each of these outlets with producers. All dishes must represent the established identity of the outlet.

To this end, the students are reporting back to the establishments on the development of menu items, and to the producers on the use of their products.

Both virtual and face-to-face, this process will result in a selection of items that represent both the producers and establishments.

The menu items will be produced in Otago Polytechnic’s teaching kitchens and transported to the establishments for consumption on the day of the event. Customer feedback from the event will be given to the producers to help inform them in regards potential new markets.

In addition, one Food Design Institute learner has negotiated a joint branding agreement between Dunedin brewery New New New Corporation and Good Good to produce a jointly branded specialty beer for the evening.

Supplier and outlet combinations

Precinct will work with The Brothers Green and Tahi Spirulina: Tahi, New Zealand’s sole spirulina producer, is based in the Nelson area; The Brothers Green are Christchurch-based hemp specialists and have a range of products in retail as well as being wholesale suppliers of hemp protein.

Good Good will work with Provenance lamb and Havoc pork, both of which adhere to the highest level of animal husbandry and regenerative farming practices. The Brothers Green and Tahi will also be involved to cater to vegan or other dietary needs.

Moiety will work with OCHO chocolate, Bay Road Peanut Butter and Good as Gold Honey.

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Published on 3 Nov 2020

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