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Students are sharing bite-sized pieces of sustainability research through our new 3n5 initiative.

The 3n5 Sustainability initiative involves students creating three templated PowerPoint slides, summarising sustainability research, which they can talk about in five minutes. These are then uploaded into an OPAIC 3n5 Microsoft Teams group.

Other students and staff can then use these research summaries in their own learning and teaching.

Students in our Managing Change and Adversity course were the first to have a go at the 3n5 initiative, creating presentations about the National Climate Change Risk Assessment report yesterday (pictured).

Their presentations started with an overview of the current climate change situation, included evidence, and finished with recommendations.

The purpose of this project is to help us embed sustainability in all that we do at OPAIC and develop sustainable practitioners.  

Any students who are interested in making use of the resources or contributing their own 3n5 presentation on a sustainability topic of their choice can ask one of their lecturers to add them to the 3n5 Microsoft Team.

Published on 11 Nov 2020

Orderdate: 11 Nov 2020
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