Otago Polytechnic’s Charity House auction fetched a record price on Saturday November 21.

Around 70 people attended the 14th Charity House auction, at which the fully furnished four-bedroom home was sold for $325,000, eclipsing the previous record (set in 2018) of $271,000.

Each year, Otago Polytechnic carpentry students have built a four-bedroom home with guidance from lecturers and the generous support of many local businesses. 

“The auction attracted a lot of interest and excitement,” Dr Megan Gibbons, Otago Polytechnic Chief Executive, says.

“As well as raising funds for charity, the project is an excellent example of the applied learning approach that Otago Polytechnic provides for our learners. Again, it shows our people make a better world.”

At the conclusion of the bidding process at Otago Polytechnic’s L Block, Dr Gibbons presented United Way New Zealand with a cheque for $100,000.

Over the past 13 years United Way NZ has distributed $1.4 million to Otago community charities – thanks to funds raised from Charity House, a project made possible through the generosity of the many sponsors who donate time and materials.

Teresa Moore, United Way NZ Chief Executive, says Otago charities need support this year more than ever before.

“Research conducted by UWNZ has shown 98% of New Zealand charities have been affected by Covid-19, balancing a sharp increase in demand with a drop in funding.

“UWNZ distributes funding from Charity House to small to medium community-based charities. They do not have large marketing or fundraising resources inhouse, so any contributions make a significant impact to their ability to help Otago communities in need.

“Strong, resilient communities rely on those who can, supporting those who are struggling. This is particularly the case in times of pressure and increased need such as this.

“UWNZ would like to thank Otago Polytechnic staff and carpentry students as well as the local businesses who contributed so generously to the fit-out of the houses.”

In addition, two other unfurnished houses were sold for $261,000 and $275,000.

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Published on 23 Nov 2020

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