Juan Carlo Crispino spoke about his life-changing decision to come to New Zealand, when he delivered the OPAIC student address at Graduation last Tuesday.

JC received his Graduate Diploma in Sales and Marketing at last week’s ceremony. He also received a Special Student Award for outstanding achievement in his programme.

He told the crowd that growing up he’d always been complimented on his art skills. He thought pursuing an arts path would be easy and convinced his parents to allow him to study art at university back home in the Philippines.  

However, university wasn’t smooth sailing. He found himself comparing himself to others who excelled in the same field and he lost his focus, interest, and confidence.

He received a failing grade, which was a financial blow for his family. He took that as a wake-up call.

“Talent without effort would only lead to wasted opportunities.”

Eventually his grades improved, and he developed a more mature outlook on life. He graduated art school and got a job as an illustrator for an animation and storyboard studio, then later became a graphic designer for a fast-fashion retail brand.

JC said he came to New Zealand to follow his dream of exploring his potential as a purveyor of brands through creative, strategic, and innovative thinking. He said the decision to come to New Zealand was life-changing.

He enjoyed and found fulfilment in the Graduate Diploma in Sales and Marketing and was grateful for the support he received from lecturers and fellow students.

He received two Excellent Scholars Awards during his time at OPAIC and he had the opportunity to work with Tourism HQ and visit Fiji during his internship.

The Graduate Diploma in Sales and Marketing also taught him about industry standards here in New Zealand, which helped him get a part-time job at a local company.

His ultimate goal is to have his own design agency.

“It is a dream that I will continue to strive for and achieve.”

He said if there's one thing we learned from 2020, it's that everything changes but our attitude and resilience in overcoming setbacks makes us better people.

“To my fellow graduates, let's continue to work hard, stay focused, and may we never lose our passion to pursue our dreams as we enter a new and exciting phase in our lives.”

Published on 24 Nov 2020

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