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Scope (Art & Design) is seeking papers for its 2021 issue.

Scope (Art & Design) aims to engage discussion on contemporary research in the visual arts. It is concerned with views and critical debates surrounding issues of practice, theory, history and their relationships as manifested through the visual and related arts and activities, such as sound, performance, curation, tactile and immersive environments, digital scapes and methodological considerations. With New Zealand and its Pacific neighbours as a backdrop, but not its only stage, Scope (Art & Design) seeks to address the matters which concern contemporary artists and arts enquirers in their environments of practice. The word limit for a feature article is 4000 words (less for other formats). Formats include: articles; essays; artist’s pages, logs and travel reports; reviews of exhibitions, residencies and publications; moving and interactive works (to be negotiated with the editors for the online version, with contextualising paragraphs and stills to appear in the hardcopy version). Other suggested formats will also be considered.

Please send submissions to the editor Jane Venis or scope.editorial@op.ac.nz. For further information or any questions about possible submissions please contact Jane Venis or Pam McKinlay at the above email addresses. Submissions are open now. Deadline for submissions is 30 April 2021.

kind regards

Jane Venis

Editor, Scope: Art and Design 

Published on 2 Dec 2020

Orderdate: 2 Dec 2020
Expiry: 30 Apr 2021