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Our Improving Organisational Performance course students did a Rangitoto hiking trip to celebrate what they have achieved and learned in 2020.

Students ferried to Rangitoto Island, and hiked on the west side of the island, including Wilsons Park Track, the summit, the crater rim, and McKenzie Bay.

Lecturer Dani Mao said it was a physical challenge for some students who are not regular hikers. They joked that the hiking was a bit like the year 2020, you needed to stay safe and keep moving, and you would make it to the finish line.

Dani said that sitting on McKenzie Bay beach, students reflected on what made them proud during 2020.

Yifeng Du was happy that he got married in October 2020.

Mahi Amin thought lockdown helped her to focus more on her health and future plans.

Avani Shah and Dev Patel are proud of completing their NZCEL Level 4 programme successfully and can now prepare quality assignments for the GDAM courses.

Preetika and Pawanpreet Chahal are proud to work as essential workers and looked after their community during the lockdown period.

Hardik was grateful that the wage subsidy support was extended to include international student workers like himself.

Omkumar Shah was so proud of being promoted as a team manager at Countdown a few days after his 19th birthday celebration.

Published on 11 Dec 2020

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