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15th of January marked three years since the Dunedin wildlife hospital was founded!

You may not know, but The Wildlife Hospital is based at Otago Polytechnic and is home to some of the world's most unique and most threatened species.

We are very proud to say Otago Polytechnic, and the School of Veterinary Nursing have been a partner and supporter since day one.

This partnership has enabled our learners to graduate with a unique edge - and to be part of the movement to save our endangered wildlife!

Since 2018, our Dunedin on-campus students have been able to gain hands-on experience with sick and injured wildlife at The Wildlife Hospital.


Check out more on The Wildlife Hospital Dunedin here (and see some very cute native NZ wildlife)


Wishing you a very happy birthday,

Love Otago Polytechnic

Published on 21 Jan 2021

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