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Construction work has begun on Otago Polytechnic Ltd’s multi-million-dollar Trade Training Centre in Dunedin.

At the heart of Otago Polytechnic’s Forth St Campus, the site for the $31.7 million Trade Training Centre project is currently being cleared by an assortment of earthmoving machinery.

“Construction activity began on January 18,” Tracey Howell, Director Campus Environment, says.

“We are four weeks into the project. Everything is going well and on track.”

Current and immediate upcoming work includes demolishing some walkways, under which services such as fibre, heating, and power are located.

“These require re-routing to ensure we avoid any disruption to our IT services across the Dunedin Campus as well as our off-site campuses,” Tracey explains.

“We fully understand that a construction site within an operating campus creates challenges for our learners and staff and appreciate their understanding and support for what will be an outstanding asset to our campus.

“We also need to excavate an embankment. Actually, we are planning to excavate and remove around 4,500 cubic metres of soil from the site in total.”

Tracey says sustainability is inherent to the project, too.

“There has been strong sustainability lens from the beginning and this will continue during construction.  We are following the Living Building Challenge (LBC) principles.

“One example is we are avoiding using ‘red-list’ materials. This is material that is harmful to the planet and people. 

“As with Te Pā Tauira - Otago Polytechnic Student Village, we will being using Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). 

“Naylor Love will be reporting on waste during the construction phase and are setting up a recycling station – including food waste – on site for contractors.“

The Otago Polytechnic project will employ around 200 tradespeople as well as construction managers and consultants until its completion in mid-2022.

It was submitted by Otago Polytechnic in 2020 in response to the Government’s call to develop “shovel-ready” projects, aimed at stimulating and supporting economic activity in the city and region.

“The project is significant to both the local and national construction industry as major contractors seek to recover from the economic impacts of the COVID lockdown,” Dr Megan Gibbons, Chief Executive Otago Polytechnic, says.

Published on 19 Feb 2021

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