Each month we update you on what is new in the leadership support toolbox.  The Toolbox content is designed around 14 leadership themes.  Click on the link to discover what these Leadership Themes have to offer.   You also have a change to contributions to the leadership resources by emailing pctdevelopment@op.ac.nz with anything you consider would be valuable to share with others at OP.  

We've been busy adding content to the themes.  The articles and learnings listed below are from reputable organisations are centered around what is new and exciting in todays world.  Listed below is content we have added into the tiles in the toolbox during February:

Leadership Models and Concepts 

  • Why become a thought leader?
  • How to be a compassionate leader
  • How to monitor and manage the performance of remote employees

Coaching and Mentoring

  • Leaders need professional coaching now more than ever

Safety and Wellbeing

  • Success with a Capital Zzzzz: Importance of sleep
  • The brutal truth you need to accept if you want to stop feeling overwhelmed

Information for New Leaders

  • Five fifty: Better bosses
  • If you say yes to these 7 questions, you're a much better leader than you think
  • 3 questions you must say yes to if you call yourself a leader

Resilience as a Leader

  • Inner peace: A powerful leadership virtue


Building High Performing Teams

  • Fun Friday: 21 ways your staff feel valued

We hope that some of these topics have sparked your interest and you go into the toolbox and have a look around at what it offers.  Please let us know if you have any new items, articles, learnings that you would like to share and we will add these to the toolbox.

People & Culture

Published on 12 Apr 2021

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