Otago Polytechnic



EARTH: caught in Stone  | art+science exhibition

Dunedin Community Gallery

15-22 MAY


EARTH: caught in Stone will bring to a conclusion the eighth Art+Science Project which took “earth science” as its focus. Following in the footsteps of Art+Science Projects over the previous seven years, artists engaged with research scientists from GNS, University of Otago (Geology, Geography, Zoology and Marine Science) and the Otago Regional Council, individually or in small groups, to develop artworks which respond to the theme of “earth science”.


EARTH: caught in Stone  will explore the formation of rocks, as they are layered across geologic time, under restless pressures, ruptures and constant change. Engage with the macro and the micro, with chaos and order. Find out how our planet has made us. How have the connections between earth systems affected evolution throughout deep time, and changed the course of histories and cultures? What will our horizons look like in the new geological era of the Anthropocene? Visitors will learn about kumimanu giant penguins who once visited the shores of Zealandia?!


FREE Activities and Talks

The exhibition includes a public programme over two weekends which includes Gallery Talks by the scientists, free art making, games and other activities suitable for families and children. The programme includes “What’s that Rock” with Dr Rock who will be on hand to identify rocky treasures and found curiosities of a geological kind.

A community artwork facilitated by artist Debbie Fleming using decorated rocks with words and pictures which will be added to a 6m installation of a river of thoughts running through the gallery.


The Otago Rock and Mineral Club will be on hand with a pop up display of things you can discover in your back yard or local swamps. Other activities include giant penguin jigsaws, with guest artist Manu Berry, and table top games which can be played with pebbles.


Last but not least we will be concluding with the “Great Rockcake Bakeoff”, a competition for cake bakers and decorators!

Taking the lead from the Great Geobake-off Challenge, categories include but are not limited to:

Sedimentary layer cakes,

Unconformity and Subduction cakes,

Sinkhole cupcakes,

Geological tourist attractions such as Pancake Rocks,

Earth Globe Mantle cake,

your favourite geological era Fossil cake

and Geode cupcakes.

All parts of the cake must be edible and crafted from food stuff  – no plastic please.


A panel of revered geology cake connoisseurs will judge these incredible pieces and Dr Rock will award the best of the best on the final day of the exhibition.

Entry to the competition is by photograph online the Facebook event page, (Discussion tab).



If you are in Dunedin an in-gallery finale will be held Saturday 22 MAY, 10AM -12PM judging at 12PM (if covid levels allow).


For ideas and inspiration google "geology cakes" !



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