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The Dunedin Campus will be open today.


We are aware that a number of schools and early learning centres across Dunedin are either closed or have late starts today, and that a number of roads are closed and bus routes affected.


If you will be delayed getting to campus, or unable to get there at all today, please contact your formal leader. Otherwise, please travel safe and stay warm!


A reminder of our expectations of you on days like this:

  • please make a reasonable effort to get to work – ensuring the safety of yourself and others as a priority  
  • advise of your particular situation (expected time of arrival or inability to make it to work) by 9.00am at the latest
  • ensure that you communicate as early as possible to your students any changes to class schedules and confirm your availability online or by phone
  • remain ‘contactable’ during the day via phone or email for other staff or students
  • continue with work that is possible to do while not in the office (checking and actioning emails should you have internet access)
  • should you choose not to be contactable on a snow day, it becomes annual leave.


Kā mihi nui, nā

Otago Polytechnic Communications

Published on 9 Aug 2021

Orderdate: 9 Aug 2021
Expiry: 27 Jun 2022