Otago Polytechnic’s “Debrief” exhibition holds extra significance for two Bachelor of Design (Communication) students.

Ella Montgomery and Emily Bell have spent the past 12 weeks planning, conceptualising and creating the look and feel for Debrief, which celebrates the vibrance and vision of final-year learners studying Product Design, Communication Design and Fashion Design.

The overall feel and look might be inspired by clouds, but the pair have been firmly grounded by a workload that encompasses designing the physical exhibition space, to a unique font that evokes the spirit of the event, to a digital marketing campaign.

To add to the pressure, all this work comprises their final-year major project.

Ella and Emily have landed on the tagline ”Open Your Mind” for Debrief, which opens on Wednesday 17 November.

“The tagline is about questioning what it is to be creative. It is also reflecting that, as designers, we are on a continual journey,” they explain.

“We envision the Debrief exhibition space to be a dreamscape that takes the audience on a journey through the individual minds of our designers.

“Clouds are a huge part of the overall concept for the exhibition – and we are utilising them as a feature element of the spatial design.”

Dunedin company Ellis Fibre has kindly donated wool offcuts of duvet inners, which Ella and Emily have repurposed, tearing them into an assortment of fluffy cloud shapes.

To draw visitors into the space (Otago Polytechnic’s Hub), a large LED screen will show a looped animation of the Debrief visual identity, which includes an abstract logo that utilises three shapes, representing the three disciplines within Otago Polytechnic’s School of Design: Product Design, Communication Design, and Fashion Design.

“The abstract nature of the logo alludes to the cloud shapes found in our dreamscapes and also to surrealism in a contemporary manner.”


Otago Polytechnic, Forth St, Dunedin

17-21 November, 10am-3pm

Note: Student Showcase events, including Debrief, adhere to current Covid-19 Alert level guidelines and restrictions. Refer to our website for up-to-date information

Published on 15 Nov 2021

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