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This information is for current members of Tapaue Gym.

To keep our people and communities safe and allow our gym to operate with no limits you will need to show your Covid-19 vaccination certificate as a requirement of entry and use of our gym from Friday 3 Dec 2021. You will only need to do this once while your ‘My vaccine pass’ is valid.  

The doors will be locked and you will only be able to access the gym with an access swipe tag. 

Please continue scanning the QR code and signing in to your session on arrival.  There will be no outdoor exercise at this time.

What do I need to do? 

We ask you to please provide proof of your vaccination status before your next use of the gym.

We will also check your membership and contact details are up to date. 

To do this please present your vaccine pass at our school admin office: 

Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health

Sargood Centre, 40 Logan Park Drive, Dunedin

Monday to Friday - between 10 am and 2 pm 

Once we have confirmed your vaccination status, your current membership is valid, and your contact details are up to date, external members will be issued with a swipe access.  Otago Polytechnic students and staff will have access added to their Student or Staff ID card. Please note there will be a delay while access is loaded to your ID card before you can access the gym.

External members will also need to sign a short declaration around use of the swipe/access card and that the expiry date on your vaccination pass is correct.

All access will expire end of Saturday 19 February 2022, which is the end of our summer holiday gym season. 

If you need still to organise your My Vaccine Pass you can get find out how to do that here

Why can't I just email you the information?

We need to keep our inbox clear for dealing with student issues around graduation and enrolment for next year. We are also not able to keep any copies of people's 'My Vaccine Pass', so request that you please refrain from emailing them to us as we will have to delete your email.

I've already shared my vaccination status with Otago Polytechnic - why do I have to do this again?

Information supplied as part of your employment or student enrolment was for that purpose only and for privacy reasons we have to request it again for this purpose.  Also, for entry to Tapaue Gym the vaccination status can only be supplied in the form of 'My Vaccine Pass' to meet the requirements of the Covid Protection Framework (traffic light system) and you would have supplied the information previously in a different format.

What if I don’t want to share my vaccination status? 

If you do not choose to share your vaccination status with us we are able to refund the remainder of your membership. 

Please contact should you wish to pursue this option.

What if I have questions or concerns?   

We know this is a difficult situation, and that people hold a range of feelings and thoughts about vaccinations.

Please ensure you seek information about vaccines from reliable sources such as the Unite Against Covid 19 Facts about Vaccination or talk to a trusted health professional.

Published on 3 Dec 2021

Orderdate: 3 Dec 2021
Expiry: 3 Dec 2023