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We’re looking for businesses who would like to have one of our Applied Management students carry out work with them during their studies. Students can add value to your business – and you can add value to their future career by giving them valuable experience.

What would I gain from being part of the Business Industry Project and Internship?

Our Graduate Diploma and third year Bachelor of Applied Management students are ready to go into the workplace and are highly capable of engaging and participating as a valued member of your business. They will also make a positive difference through the completion of a project that is focused on improving an aspect of your business, whether by addressing an issue or investigating an opportunity. We take pride in our Business students being work ready …. and world ready!

Otago Polytechnic’s Business Industry Project and Internship programme has an excellent reputation and has a number of positive testimonials from businesses. Many businesses employ students after the successful completion of their internship and project.

What types of businesses get involved?

A wide range of businesses take up the opportunity to engage with our students. Our students have worked with privately-owned companies, institutions, not-for-profits, and sole proprietors. Your business could be in any industry sector and any location, within New Zealand or overseas. You need to be able to integrate the student into your business as usual, so they gain valuable work experience as part of your team.

How does the project and internship work?

> Students can be engaged either as a paid or unpaid intern.

> Businesses are matched to a student whenever possible.

> You can interview a student before deciding whether to take them on.

> The internship and project can be undertaken in the first or second semester.

> Students and businesses are fully supported by the College of Enterprise and Development’s Internship Coordinator.

> The agreement we reach about the work the student will do with you will be documented in a contract, the Internship Project Agreement for Bachelor of Applied Management students, or the Internship Project Agreement for Graduate Diploma of Applied Management students.

Download Internship Project Agreement

Download Industry Project Agreement

To arrange a conversation about working with one of our students, please email us.

What types of project topics can be undertaken?

The range of businesses our students work in is vast, and projects can focus on any one of a number of areas. The research project needs to be something that you want investigated or evaluated, something that the student can find out for you. These students are available to help you as part of their programme of study in the following fields:

  • Human Resources
  • Strategic
  • Events
  • Tourism
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business Transformation and Change
  • Hotel Management