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Carpentry apprenticeship learning

Taking on a carpentry apprentice? Otago Polytechnic provides block courses that support on-the-job learning for your apprentice.

Block courses provide apprentices with face-to-face learning and opportunities to work with their peers to solve problems. Your apprentice would be on campus for three, one-week block courses in their first year, and two, one-week block courses in their second and third year. Otago Polytechnic is the only provider of apprenticeship block courses in Otago.

You will receive a report after every block course and every three months, that will tell you about your apprentice’s progress. Your apprentice can keep track of their learning using an app, or in hard copy if they prefer.

Every apprentice is assigned a training advisor. The training advisor will support the apprentice and help them present the evidence they gather of what they’re learning while working for you. The training advisor will also visit you and the apprentice on site four times a year.

Otago Polytechnic’s carpentry apprenticeship programme started in 2015. Since then we have had two apprentices placed in the annual New Zealand Certified Builders (NZCB) Association Apprentice Challenge. Marcus Devereux placed third one year, and more recently Chris McLean won the competition.

Scholarship support from ITAB may be available for some apprentices who have to travel to Dunedin for block courses. Fees average $600 plus GST per year for the four year programme. Read more here about the programme requirements for the New Zealand Certificate in Carpentry (Level 4).


To discuss training for your apprentice, contact Grant Beel or Alan Fraser from our Dunedin Campus, or Simon Brookes at our Cromwell Campus.