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Can you help our Social Services students gain valuable experience and improve their work-readiness?

Our students major in any one of the following disciplines:

  • Disability
  • Mental Health
  • Careers
  • Counselling

They can provide you with an extra pair of hands, and help get that project done that you haven’t had time to get on to. In addition you will be helping them gain the skills and experience you need as an employer from our graduates. Many of our placement providers are so satisfied that they have offered our students employment afterwards.

In the second year of their degree or diploma, they all do an industry placement of 150 hours. These placements are two days per week from July to October. Then in their third year the degree students do another industry placement of 200 hours, from April to October.

These placements can be anywhere in New Zealand, at different kinds of organisations including mental health or disability support agencies, social service agencies, counselling service providers, Department of Corrections, and schools.

We do a preliminary match of students with placements based on the student’s skills and interests, then you as the potential placement provider are provided with information about the student and given the opportunity to interview them before deciding whether or not the student is suitable.

For more information please contact us for for a handbook and to discuss your situation.