Learner rights and responsibilities

Otago Polytechnic is committed to providing an environment that is enjoyable, safe and secure for all learners, staff and visitors. All learners should be guided by principles of openness, fairness and respect, and should be able to engage in the activities of learning in a manner that strives for excellence.

Rights and responsibilities apply to all learners, and act as a guide to the policies and practices within the Polytechnic.

If you have any queries, you can always contact the Customer Services Centre located on the ground floor of F Block, our Student Success Team or your school/college office. You can also get in touch with the Otago Polytechnic Students’ Association (OPSA) which is there to advocate for you – it’s located in S Block, Harbour Terrace.

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Workforce restrictions for children's workforce

If you have a criminal conviction, and you are studying (or considering studying) towards a qualification that will lead to a job in the state-funded sector (including teaching or providing youth services) working directly with children, you will need to check whether your conviction could prevent you from working in some roles in your chosen field. This is because new legislation, the Children's Act 2014, will prevent state sector agencies and government-funded service providers from hiring people with convictions for "specified offences" to work with children in some roles. The restrictions came into effect on 1 July, 2015. 

You can read the list of specified offences online here.

You can get more specific information (including FAQs) here.

This information has been supplied by the Children's Action Plan Directorate and the Tertiary Education Commission.

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