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Not stuck in the mud

Carolyn Levy, Instructional Designer, explains why she enjoys working at OP so much that she commutes here from Canada.

"Unlike other educational institutions OP is not stuck in the mud. To be able to adapt and flex is an amazing strength of Otago Polytechnic. It’s certainly not a cookie cutter institution. OP is really pushing itself in terms of innovating."

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The Learning Design Toolkit

If you or your team want to:

• Know what leads to great course design at OP

• Find out how to create courses that help OP students successfully achieve learning outcomes

• Discover how to create aligned and engaging learning and assessment activities that encourage OP students to experience, think about, and apply their new capabilities

The Learning Design Toolkit can help you. It explains core components of learning design, based on a learner-centred and pedagogically sound framework that supports an experiential and reflective learning environment for OP students and teaching staff.


What is the Learning Design Toolkit?

The Toolkit is an online resource which contains a wealth of information and activities to support you before and during course redesign, as part of the D4LS project.

It focuses on creating learner profiles, writing learning outcomes and objectives, designing learning activities and assessments, and using design documents to put it all together


How can you access the Learning Design Toolkit?

Click here to directly access the Toolkit via Moodle. You’ll need to self-enrol.

You can also access the Toolkit via the D4LS home page under Resources.


Who makes up your Learning Design Toolkit support network?

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the Toolkit we’d appreciate hearing from you. You can use the following channels:

• For support in building your capability around learning design - please email Staff.CapabilityOP@op.ac.nz

• To get help on accessing and using the resource, please contact your EdTech Champion. To find out who the EdTech Champion is at your school or department, please click here.

• To provide suggestions and give feedback - please use the D4LS Feedback form here.

We hope you enjoy using and sharing information and resources you find in the Learning Design Toolkit, and find it helpful in supporting your work at OP.


Project Update

Please click below for the project update presentation Sally provided to the self-leading team forum on 1 sept 2015




We have loaded links to lots of useful documents in the Resources section on the homepage - click here to take a look.